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BOSSOffering Clients the Highest Level of Tax Expertise

At Trusted Tax, we are focused on satisfying the needs of our clients, and making sure you feel comfortable in your finances. We honor this commitment by providing you with the tax expertise and services you require—at an affordable rate. It is not enough to just provide you with your data. We want to empower you by offering key financial information, in a format that is understandable, so you can make sound business decisions. We are dedicated to working with you, as your trusted advisor!

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Tax ServicesA Next Generation Firm

Offering an elevated level of convenience, we can securely exchange information and communicate with you through our client portals. Our advanced web-based platform offers the convenience of online access to your financial documents so you can access and review documents when you need to, 24/7.




  • Why “Set It and Forget It” is Not a Winning Website Strategy

    Published by: Richard Gibson Tuesday, 15 July 2014

    So, you have a nice website for your business—you can check “web strategy” off the to-do list, right? Not so fast! While creating a website that is easy to navigate, visible to search engines, and true to your company’s brand is no small feat, it should be just the first step in your website strategy. To maximize your organization’s web presence, you can’t just “Set it and forget it.” Keeping your site updated and evolving with your business is critical—otherwise, you are unlikely to reap the...



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